Your magnificent vision

You envision something that's beautiful and functional. It encapsulates your hopes and dreams, serving as a springboard for the future of your business or community.


You expect to build something remarkable. It encapsulates your hopes and dreams.

Doesn’t happen by accident

We see the details that went into your building. Each brick, every truss and yard of concrete. That attention to detail is why people trust us with their future. With Lang, it's built right; built for good.


The knowledge to do the job right. The attention to get it done.

Existing pitch on roof altered to accommodate new addition.
Huge machinery is being used for demonstrations so an easy entry/exit was planned.
A next-generation building envelope supports energy efficiency initiatives.
Soil under the building was replaced for firm foundation support.

Principles that drive us

  • We don't do drive-bys.

    Many construction companies just drive by the project site to ensure quality. We're not most construction companies.

  • You're in the loop.

    There was a time when the Pony Express was a marvel. We're past that. We believe it's virtually impossible to over communicate during a construction project.

  • Everyone has a boss. You're ours.

    We've built our excellent reputation by staying loyal to our customers and ensuring every job gets done right, on time and on budget. No excuses.

  • Projects start with people & end with brick and mortar.

    We ask questions like "what's most important to you about this project?" and keep that as our guiding focus throughout the job.

See everything that drives us